Testing With Education WP LMS

There are some demo accounts which you can make a test with our learning management system.

learner account
Learner role: Every users in the system is learner, that means they all be able to enroll any courses.

Username: learner
Password: learner
Instructor role: Those users can create a course with lessons and quizzes with awesome course editor support, try it out.

Username: instructor
Password: instructor
intructor account

Registrujem sa na odber noviniek a chcem svoj


Registrujem sa na odber noviniek a chcem darček v podobe zľavy na kurz ponúkaný na stránkach centrumvzdelavania.sk v hodnote 20 % z bežnej ceny kurzu a dostávať informácie o nových ponúkaných kurzoch.